didn’t start when
we were conceived
on Earth !

Being didn’t start here in this illusive creation of its dwellers ! Being started when we left the One, way before we got 2 be born on Earth. Ever since we left the One in a ‘separated-ness-mood’ we became conscious & got 2 be ! Being isn’t dependent on thoughts 4 one can think & yet never get 2 become. Feelings predominates over thoughts !

‘Seekers in search of them Selves’ through yoga quickly realized that thinking is an obstacle in the search 4 truth & knowledge, enlightenment, awareness & mindfulness. Those yogi’s perceived that once thinking has died, one is the most alive & aware & the most aware that one can ever become. In fact, that one is more aware than ever, which led 2 the realization, that one has 2 feel 2 really be & that every sentient being is foremost driven by emotions merely accompanied by reason.

Becoming & being is a choice, determined by emotion(s), with its roots in a pool of desire(s), rather than just thinking & reason.

around the saying
I think therefore I am
I am because I foster(ed)
, doubt
& think’ !

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