Going from non-being 2 being.

A scenario & chain of events that has been going on ever since the beginnings of time, separated thinking-units created not only one world but up 2 seven worlds !

Since the beginning of time, sparks from the One created 4 themselves several, amongst them some even tangible worlds where sentient beings & separated selves could not only ‘create’ more & more matter with their thinking & reason, but also could feel. Not long after, they evolved & besides thinking & feeling they accumulated other sense perceptions enabling them 2 experience more. Obviously not realizing that the use of the senses attaches the Self 2 its creation(s). Obviously ignorant of the fact that senses are not only linked, but also form ties with their world(s) or creation(s) of dualism within suffering.

Ever since, many ‘wise’ Selves are trying 2 escape dualism & suffering by trying 2 return 2 the One, their origin & real place of birth, through dis-attachment or diminishment from anything that attaches 2 the opposite of the One. By renunciation of everything unrelated 2 the One, like sense-perception & augmentation of everything related 2 the One, like thoughtlessness & actionlessness, those ‘Seekers in search of them Selves’, quickly comprehended that separated thinking & individual thoughts or breathing 4 that matter, aren’t necessities 2 become &/or be ! The concept of ‘being’ is a matter of confusion 4 being & consciousness & individuality was ever existent since we left the One.

didn’t start when
we were conceived
on Earth !

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