‘Cogito Ergo Sum’
I think therefore I am’.

Going from non-being 2 being like ‘All under Heaven’ before now is a matter of karma. Going from non-being 2 being isn’t a matter of thoughts. Thoughts aren’t fundamental in becoming. Hardly any thinking is at the root of our being. Going from non-being 2 being creates I’s & from there-on, ‘I am’ is certain, uncertain is ‘I am this’ 4 doubt next 2 emotion perpetually predominates over thoughts. Thoughts reciprocally influence emotions. Thoughts are only at the root of the existence of matter & the collective perceivable world. Thoughts are fundamental in the continuation of individual karma & samsara. Thoughts are the producers of this world & compulsive thinking keeps this ‘thought-production’ in existence.

thinking are separate !

The body is formed as 2 serve thoughts in our plane of existence. All’s about emotions. Identity is foremost from doubt & not from certainty about one’s specific I. The foundation of the dwellers of this world or of man’s thoughts & actions isn’t only consciousness & thoughts, it’s also perception. Consciousness comes from feeling, emotion & awareness or perception 4 consciousness isn’t in need of thinking nor sensatory perception, nor emotion 4 that matter 2 be !

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