I was alone, yet never lonely. I was just being in non-being. I was just dwelling in mindfulness, thoughtlessness, actionlessness & blissful satisfaction. Suddenly everything altered without apparent reason. Satisfied within thoughtless & actionlessness I suddenly got a notion & started thinking & realized that ‘I am 4 I am thinking’.

Crossing the void & spheres I became aware that becoming ain’t that simple even thoughI am just because I think’. Engulfed in thinking & almost swallowed-up by accumulating thoughts that fired-up wishes, everything changed when I entered being from across non-being.

The question ifI am just because I thinkkept dominating my consciousness. Am I already, just because I think ? Non-being void of any suffering altered from suffering birth. A Self, with a corresponding yet dormant & latent ego in the making, still in possession of a buddha-nature, got itself separated from unity within the One.

I am because I think, increased individuality that separated my Self from other Selves. A separate Self was alive & kicking. Consciousness transformed into consciousness within constant thinking. Compulsive thinking was the unavoidable outcome that quickly dominated emotions, emotions then dominated being & soon after, being dominated thoughts regardless of emotions.

I think therefore I am’ got 2 become a fact, regardless of initial emotions before (!) thoughts dominated being 4 it’s emotions that runs through the whole of this process & not thoughts !

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