is the producer of

Residing in Somethingness or the material world, the world of ‘things’ has obviously a devastating influence & impact on being in general.

Residing in Somethingness or in the illusion of real reality, surely produces an abundance of erroneousness, hence the ignorance &/or doubt & plain disbelieve of the existence of the afterworld &/or astral-world, the producer of our world of things.

In Nothingness, close 2 the atmosphere of ‘Life after Death’ &/or universe of bodiless being(s), the same sphere we visit when we dream, there’s no misconception of what is or isn’t, nor error in what’s real or not.

Nothingness attainable through yoga is sadly & surprisingly completely ignored by scientists out of incompetence & the inability 2 control one’s thoughts.

Residing in Somethingness, overdosing in rationality & reason, drowning in causality & religion(s), obviously kills not only love, compassion & knowledge but also common sense, intuitive reasoning, surprise, wonder & excitement in exploration of the unknown, which is the exact meaning of the word ‘science’.

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