We are the collective makers of our/this world & universe, named reality. We, sentient beings, are the subjects who do the observing.

We, are components of this world, nodes in an network of exchanges & an integral part of this world, that we perceive & observe. We aren’t merely external observers 4 we are part of (our) creation 4 we live in it ! We are situated within it. Out view of it, is from within its midst. The world does not revolve around ourselves, we are the world, nature & so-called ‘real’ reality. We are the summit of nature 4 we are conscious of it ! We individually are special 4 ourselves only, not 4 the rest of nature !

In the space of our thoughts & intelligence & through our five senses we create an image of the universe which we perceive & what we perceive in our conscious- & waking-state, we illusively call reality. The images which we construct of the universe, lives inside of us. Our minds reflects a world, the world we see & experience, which we collectively desire. Our mindset reflects (our/a) reality, just like (our) unconscious-sleep-dreams are a reflection of our conscious-waking-state. Waking-state & dream-state are both constructions from our thoughts ! None of them is really real ! They are illusions & substitutes of reality from the cravings of our I !

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