As long as
I think, as long will I
exist, be &/or remain in being.

Thinking. All the time, thinking & thinking. Whatever we do, endless random thinking. We are so focused & at the same time indoctrinated in our material memory, that only reaches as far as this life & absolutely nothing from before this life. Our never-ending & compulsive thinking, seemingly our nature, is in fact the key 2 our reality & therefore being in general. We are the beholders & the spectators of our creation & reality, though ignorant of the fact that we’ve built it & are maintaining it ever since the beginning of time & history. Our thoughts, in a speed faster than the speed of light, constantly & continuously altering & changing reality, as 2 keep-it-all-together.

As long as
everybody is thinking,
as long will Earth & our Universe
exist, be &/or remain in being.

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