Is all one ?
Are we one ?

At a subatomic level, nothing exists unless it is observed. As such, matter is there or exists only, because we are there & so-called reality exists or is there only, because of our presence.

is there because of us
& is made by us !

Reality is the result of our collective minds. We unconsciously & continuously construct what we daily see 2 suit our subconscious needs. Our perspectives form reality & reality is displayed 4 us only ! Our perspectives form reality & reality both influences & confuses our perspectives of reality within the search 4 enlightenment. As such, reality exists just because of us ! Without us, there’s no reality ! All under heaven is the result of all sentient beings their consciousness’s, of all alike passengers in a same sphere.

isn’t a world
of matter, things & people
but of consciousness & energy,
happenings & experiences.

Consciousness is the maker of All under Heaven ! General consciousness is the main author of this world ! Selves establish reality continuously. Changing Selves make a changing world. Selves change continuously, making reality change continuously. The perpetually changing collective thoughts are the creators of All under Heaven or the collective perceivable reality. The collective rampant random &/or excessive thinking preserves exactly Reality !

Is all one
& are we one,
become as such,
really stupid questions !

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