Although we have &/or possess a hyper-fast form of reason known as intuition, this cannot be summoned by force of will. Most of the time, we depend upon our plodding reason 2 determine what we may come 2 regard as reality & that’s the whole problem.

Our reason or mind is tied 2 this reality only, just like our body is & therefore it cannot apprehend, effectively perceive nor comprehend something beyond this reality.

The ultimate reality or real reality is only attainable or reachable, when all of what’s tied 2 this so-called reality, like the mind, thoughts & senses, is cut-off. This cutting-off of attachments, named this way 4 they are not really part of us &/or needed by us in real reality, can only happen through yoga ! This breaking-off of what attaches us 2 this secondary reality is the only obstacle 2 envisioning real reality & can only be done through yoga. Yoga which expands intuition & doing yoga depends only on the will !

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