Time is beginning-less & eternal.
The cosmic wheel of time rotates ceaselessly
in periods of progressive prosperity & increasing
happiness, decreasing suffering & immorality,
towards a new beginning & a new start,
where it can all start anew.

When one watches life, it’s like watching a movie or a film & more precise would be 2 say that it’s like watching a drama.

After appearing on the scene, which is birth on earth & performing their part or their life, they change costumes at the end of life & the coming of death, only 2 reappear, which is rebirth, in another disguise, form &/or appearance, as 2 replay slightly different what was played, experienced &/or lived just before. Retake after retake, birth after birth, replay after replay, life after life, repeat after repeat, death after death, etc.

It’s Samsara. It’s the cycle of rebirthing & of being in general, keeping our universe in existence, ever since the beginning of time, ever since the first splintering out of the One of the first thinking-unit, the ever first separation of individual consciousness from the Well of Consciousness or the One which was & still is, nothing but the consequence from craving.

It all started with desire & will end with giving-up of desire & renunciation from delusions & illusions.

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