The dance of nature.

Nature made us & directs us, just like our nature directs & makes reality. We are nature & reality is us & in us. Our nature & reality are one 4 we intersect, intertwine & reciprocally influence one another.

Reality is interaction. The objective reality is there only because of us. Reality as we name, call &/or perceive it isn’t real reality ! The structure of the world is the exact mirror-image of our collective mindset. Material reality is a construction, seemingly existent (only) in our minds & perception (only) 4 all’s energy of which we are (just) a component, in making it appear as reality.

Material reality isn’t real !

Material reality is energy infused by our presence ! Material reality or matter is ever unstable & changing, the essence of energy – energy that is continually created & destroyed by their movements. Material reality changes by our perpetually changing mindset & interactions with it. Reality continuously changes like our mindset through evolution. Reality or the perceived world is a vibrating & fluctuating world of happenings, not of things !

Reality is in our earthly minds only !

The world is about interactive relationships between our thinking & things, space, matter, gravity, vibration, time & evolution. It’s the dance of nature. Reality or the world that we perceive through our five senses is an illusion !

Reality is not ‘real’ reality !

Reality is an illusion which we create continuously, collectively & unconsciously 2 suit our desires & needs. The structure of reality & also the texture of space are only in our perception & minds, they have no reality in themselves.

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