Freedom of Being
Choice of Action.

The man-made-mind-invention of Determinism is not only an excuse 4 behaving badly & rejecting difficulty & responsibility, it’s a mirror of man’s weakness of resolution, determination & perseverance in general & in this case of doing good.

Human nature cannot be taken as an excuse 2 downgrade 4 it’s the only one able 2 upgrade being & imperfections. Human nature or ‘Earth’s Superior way of Being’ is called this way out of the possibility 4 change or the chance 4 renewal, transcendence & multiplying positive karma & this is by the way the only reason 4 being happy in being.

Do not join the ignorant, blind & lazy ! Only personal responsibility brings fulfillment. Don’t get lost in being nor in becoming ! Choose responsibility over imprisonment ! Choose freedom over security, like justice over peace & love over hate. Choose blame & guilt over silence & secrets & do not fear death but despise death !

Choose the Truth (!) above (your) Life !

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