Being in ever need of assurance & certainty or 4 security & safety’s sake, many give up their freedom & they do that very easily – in the back of their mind they must know that it’s ever joined by something as easily & gladly given up on – responsibility ! According 2 many irresponsibility is so much easier & also some sort of freedom.

Many people cherishing irresponsibility must envy some animals & really sick-minded people, like psychopaths & schizophrenics 4 they don’t feel responsible by nature !? They should beware 4 not feeling responsible 4 one’s actions like psychopaths, schizophrenics & many animals, is 2 them not liberating, not even an issue nor a loss or a gain. It’s just the overabundance of negative karma.

It’s Ignorance within Darkness.

It’s just the way they are in absence of the ability 2 apprehend their situation. It’s also besides being a poor justification 4 the old excuse, ‘This is just the way I am.’, plain right laziness in bettering one’s Self. It’s like innate inability 2 keep from wrongdoing ! Alas that’s the way they unconsciously became due 2 their karma, although influenced by their choices & desires, their freewill & actions !

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