You know people trapped in darkness 4 you know compulsive complaining cancer attracting pessimism spreaders. You know them people breathing out their cancer on everybody & everything ?

You must know people that squeeze the light out-of-everyone contaminating everyone & everything with their infectious compulsive complaining sickness ? You know some or must have known some sad-eyed looking people, sadness written all-over them, working out the dull- & sadness out of their life through complaining, dwelling, nagging &/or scolding ? Them sowers of darkness turn-out 2 be survivors !

One could think that these compulsive complainers due 2 their cancer creating attitude are predestined 2 die young, but paradoxically many of them must be very strong 4 they live long, like they are rats ! You know rats, the best adaptors of the animal kingdom. It’s really like their complaining makes them immune 2 many diseases & discomforts of life, though never of cancer 4 compulsive complaining really creates cancer !

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