Two people
only hurt each-other
when they doubt the love
that they have 4 each-other.
People hurt each-other when
they take 4 granted the love
that they’ve received.

People don’t see. People don’t look around. They don’t see the essence & hardly notice change. Drowned in their compulsive thinking & ways of being, they are unable 2 see & such 2 really enjoy & be happy. Taking everything for granted & continuously complaining, nagging &/or scolding. Surprisingly is that they don’t do it out of dissatisfaction or unhappiness, but out of habit or out of lack of love, positivity & meaning.

Sufferers is what they are although they don’t see themselves as victims. They are the people who say that this is them, that this the way they are, that they are good 4 they don’t hurt nor bother anyone. They are the people suffering from the contemporary illness of the mind of compulsive complaining. They do it all of the time & when & if there’s nothing 2 complain about, they will seek until they found something or anything 2 express resentment about. They feel great as long as they are complaining & contaminating everybody that is willing 2 be their soundboard. As long as they can dwell over things, nag, scold & express hate, everything is fine with them. It seems they are merely trying 2 complain the sad- & dullness of their lives away.

Them people are surviving on negativity &/or darkness ! Them people already are or are becoming the embodiments of darkness &/or negativity, spreading out the darkness from within, blackening theirs & everybody else’s life(s), contaminating everybody with depressiveness & themselves with things like cancer(s).

They are the contemporary Compulsive Complaining Cancer Attracting Pessimism Spreaders.

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