is the image
preceding God.
God is the image

Sociology, cellular biology, quantum-physics & science are studying how ‘Love’ really moves & functions in our universe. Scientists nowadays, collect more & more evidence of how Love or forgiveness, cooperation, respect & harmony are connected with each-other. Those scientific finds should be an incentive as 2 reorganize our communities & society or life & living as a whole only on Love.

By nature we are good. We are programmed 2 be good. Bad & being evil is merely something we copied. Buddha-nature is inherent 2 everyone. Buddha-nature isn’t something one searches 4 or has 2 adopt 4 it is owned by everybody.

Certainly, we can be bad, do evil, be competitive & become aggressive, but this way of being is not helping us forward ! Evolution & progress is only possible if we work together. Evidence has already been shown by scientists that cooperation has a positive effect on our immune-system. Anger & stress, on the other hand, have opposite consequences. Moreover, even our cognitive capacity diminishes with amorality.

All signals of nature or the forces of Heaven & Earth, that we must cooperate & work together if we want 2 survive as a whole.

Can we
ignore dose facts ?
We simply can’t 4 the sake
Freedom & Love.

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