pulsating in our heart
induces both stupidity
& clarity of vision !

Love & being in love are emotions we feel mainly in our heart although they have hardly anything 2 do with our heart.

When in Love, we feel our heart pounding & racing with excitement & maybe even rant & rave leading 2 foolishness & recklessness.

When in Love, we get inspired with foolish & unreasoning love & attachment & become infatuated.

When in Love, infatuation of our mind & brain sets in & paradoxically also enlightening, lightening, easement & relief.

When in Love, our heart is overexcited. But being & falling in love is directed by our brain & mainly our karma & also our memories, conditionings, programming & indoctrinations.

When in Love, it is in fact our mind that is more aware & mindful or illuminated as compensation & 2 calm down the overexcitement of our heart.

between so-called lovers
aren’t love-relationships.
Love-relationships are
ab’ biology & karma.

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