The dharma of fire is 2 burn.
The dharma of water is 2 flow & fertilize.
The dharma of plants is 2 create oxygen.
The dharma of a cow is 2 produce milk.
The dharma of nature is 2 feed us.
The dharma of the atmosphere,
the air & the sky is 2 permit
&/or tolerate life.

But fire, water, plants & vegetation, animals & the sky or our atmosphere, etc., do not know this ! They just are & just do – the way they are. They search 4 nirvana through inactivity ! They are the embodiments of mindfulness & actionlessness.

Resting in Being
is their/the only purpose of Being.

It seems as such, that people do not know that the dharma of the Gods is 2 transport 2 us their universal knowledge & as such their dharma is 2 serve the material world.

As such, it seems that people do not know that their dharma is 2 recognize their godly nature that is within themselves as 2 be one with it.

In such, the dharma of people consists of bringing out their godly nature or buddha-nature or inherent moral & ethical being from within themselves & spread it around themselves.

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