‘When you see me
& I try 2 be a good man,
then you see yourself.’

Separating any Self that you meet, encounter or get 2 know, from the body that carries that Self, is empathy 4 it’s looking beyond appearances, physical looks, clothes, hair, etc. Out of empathy comes forth sympathy the ability 2 share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like 2 be in that person’s situation.

Empathy & sympathy are but other words 4 compassion or sorrow & pity 4 the sufferings of another person, where compassion includes the wish 2 help the needy & not merely the imagining-ability of someone else’s pain.

Empathy, sympathy or compassion all stem from perception creators like mirroring, imitation & reflection of ourselves with what surrounds us & one’s association-ability (mental connections), that gets influenced by rationalizations. Rationalizations stem from our brain & thinking untying compassion from the heart’s intuition, from hence the inconsistency in compassion making benevolence time-bound, dependent, unsure, unreal & not genuine.

Separate your Self
from untruth & See the truth by yoga
& See your Self united as one with all other
consciousness possessors (humans,
plants & animals).

Separate your Self from
ignorance & stupidity by yoga
& See your Self in any Self 4 we’re all united
as one, through consciousness,
being & desires.

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