The transition
from infatuation 2 love
is difficult
because they are
opposites in many ways.

Infatuation is transcendent Love is down 2 earth.
Infatuation creates a fantasy ↔ Love accepts a reality.
Infatuation is an addiction ↔ Love is a commitment.
Infatuation craves unity ↔ Love cherishes separateness.
Infatuation evades responsibility ↔ Love wholeheartedly accepts it.
Infatuation is effortless ↔ Love is hard work.

Like happiness,
love is an ongoing process
& as with happiness,
the striving
4 fulfillment becomes itself the fulfillment.

Love is supported
by three things – Liking, Respect & Desire.
Liking & Respect are subject 2 sweet reason.
Desire is the Joker
because it depends alas on feelings,
something we can’t control
with our sweet reason
4 desire is something that’s there or it isn’t.

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