Acquired daily everyday magic
or resilience as 2 overpower stress, failure’s
&/or obstacles depends solely on our character traits.

Daily diversion &/or distraction from anger, fears & other negative emotions &/or situations is self-protection, is what molds us 2 resilient beings, experiencing positive emotions even when confronted with stress. This also called emotional & habit forming stress coping strategy is a means 2 acquire resilience through habit forming & character changing by daily concentrating & experiencing of positive emotions. This everyday Self-protective magic is 4 us 2 perform in the present as 2 change the future 4 the better through optimized resilience. Experience your mind in quietness as a whole with your body & soul & build or increase resilience.

Mindfulness although it stems from a religion has changed through smart marketing (by omitting the spirituality from it) & by the neuroscientists findings of the neuroplasticity of the brain (our brain’s ability 2 adapt & rewire & as such 2 be reprogrammed meaning that we can ‘exercise’ our brain 4 the better). Obviously meditation has an impact on our brain.

see differences
in the structure of
‘those one’s thinking 2 themselves’.

Meditation & the mindfulness that results from it, counteracts with distractions & stress, even trauma’s & gives novices more capacity 4 working memory & it certainly decreases mind-wandering. Neuroscientists also found out that experienced &/or talented meditators have brains with more functional connectivity than novice meditators. Experienced &/or talented meditators have more gamma-wave activity indicating high or higher states of consciousness.

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