The ability 2 focus is lost.
The time 2 pause or unwind is gone.
The way 2 reset is forgotten.

The contemporary illness, the nowadays common sickness is the inability 2 sit still, be quiet & just relax & do nothing but breathe & remain focused on nothing but the breathing. Our distraction level is ratchet up. Our attention is fractured & split into smaller bits & slices. All at the cost of being unable of fully inhabiting the place where we are. Mindfulness is absent &/or gone. Compulsive thinking is rampant.

Distraction seems 2 be the pre-eminent condition of our age. Impossible it seems 2 just think of only one thing. One thought rules & suddenly another thought overrules. Endlessly & permanently bombarded by new or different thoughts, like we are addicted in keeping in constant touch with the outside world, is our condition. No time 2 zero in on what’s important. Peace of mind, ease & release from time is scarcely ever present.

Involuntary distraction by multiple thoughts is normal if we let our mind do what it is used of doing, but the ability 2 recognize that our attention has been diverted is what’s important & at the heart of what it means 2 be mindful.

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