Finding peace (part 2/3) within (in one’s mind) or without (in the outer world) is but a matter of thinking differently & appropriately. If one finds it hard 2 ‘clear’ the mind or 2 eradicate random thinking or simply said 2 focus one’s mind one can eradicate those distractions by using purposeful distraction(s).

Focus on the breathing is a huge help 2 eliminate distractions. The challenge of using breath as the anchor is that the attention or focus is likely 2 keep moving with the flow of one’s breath. It’s therefore necessary 2 bring the attention 2 a single point. Focusing on the belly movements as one breaths in & out is also a powerful method 2 bring the attention 2 the present moment. One can also practice progressive muscle relaxation.

All of these processes help 2 achieve deep relaxation while doing nothing. Another way is focusing on relaxing each muscle group, from one’s face 2 the feet, slowly & with regular & even breaths, that will surely bring about a state of deep-relaxation close 2 mindfulness. This ‘body-scan-method’ is just one of the 8th steps Patãnjali yoga sutras 4 all of the above is but pure meditation – yoga that matters. Meditation is that which eliminates distractions subsequently bringing forth mindfulness.

( check archives 4 other part )

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