Finding peace (part 1/3) within (one’s mind) or without (in the outer world) is but a matter of thinking differently & appropriately.

Mindfulness is the ability 2 see ‘things’ as they really are, without the cloud of feelings, prejudice or even mood & attitude(s).

Mindfulness is total awareness & acceptance of the present in full observance of one’s surroundings. It’s about having a constant focus of the mind in each moment. It’s obviously not thinking of other things unrelated 2 this present ‘now’.

In mindfulness one is in a constant awareness of one’s thoughts yet without focusing on them. All of the attention goes 2 changing bodily sensations & emotions.

Mindfulness is often used in western culture as a therapeutic technique 2 reduce stress & depression & against existential problems like the meaning of life, that is 2 find &/or maintain a sense of gratitude towards life.

In mindfulness one learns 2 constantly keep one’s minds alert 2 any phenomena that affects the body, mind & consequently our emotions. With mindfulness one does much by doing nothing 4 mindfulness is closely related 2 actionlessness.

( check archives 4 other part )

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