The most popular yoga in the West (Europe & the U.S.A), is (in fact) Hatha or Ashtanga yoga, a path towards enlightenment that focuses on building physical & mental strength, where predominantly all the attention is going 2 postures, the so-called asãna’s. This yoga isn’t really yoga ! It’s westernized yoga !

These types of yoga’s are miles away from the authentic yoga, the Asian Patãnjali yoga, which is in fact a search 4 enlightenment & enlightenment stands 4 liberation from the cycle of reincarnation. In this yoga one tries 2 get 2 or reach 4 that special point inside each & every one of us, that moment in time where one achieves stillness in the mind & gets 2 understand the true nature of the world & one’s place in it.

In the authentic Patãnjali yoga’s, all attention goes breath-, mind- & thought-control, within the correct ethical living. Any type of yoga missing these attributes is not at all yoga but merely a sport, a type of relaxation &/or aerobics or simply put – a bodily tiring & thought distracting activity !

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