8th-fold yoga sutras. (part 2/3)

  1. yamas (ethical rules)
  2. niyama (virtuous habits)
  3. ãsana (bodily posture)
  4. prāāyāma (breathcontrol)
  5. pratyāhāra (thoughtcontrol within sense-withdrawal)
  6. dhāraā (one-pointedness of mind)
  7. dhyāna (thoughtlessness – real meditation)
  8. samãdhi (breathlessness – union)

When executing this dhyãna one puts the power of one’s soul 2 the karmic wheel. Executing this dhyãna or meditation is touching the karmic wheel, liberating our soul exactly through dhyãna (added by yama & niyama within an asãna) or prãnãyãma together with perseverance in dhãranã !

It’s liberation of one’s soul from karma & the shortening of one’s samsara by detachment (yajña) ! Executing this dhyãna is performing the ancient Asian Indian yoga of Patãnjali renamed as Ashtanga yoga.

( check archives 4 other part )

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