Broadcast or send with your thoughts your love 2 your deceased loved one through your third-eye & you’ll make contact with that departed soul 4 once the spiritual-eye, the inner point between the eyebrows is activated, ignited & lit, it’s omnipotent.

The single-eye
in the forehead, activated through
the will in perseverance in single-thought
when in actionlessness, desirelessness
& breathlessness, is a thought-sender.

It’s Shiva’s-eye, a thought-transmitter & source of wisdom 4 it’s connected with the One. It’s Shiva’s-eye, mostly dormant though existent & present in everyone ! It’s the eye of intuition 2 lighten & enlighten &/or direct everyone through the turbulences of mãyã. The third-eye is a guide 4 everyone mostly lost by everyone through over-activation of the senses within compulsive thinking. Deactivate your senses & compulsive thinking through ‘real’ yoga & you’ll activate the third-eye & you’ll become omniscient !

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