Reality is just an illusion.

All’s that’s conceptualized & all that’s named is but one thought from the One 4 reality is nothing but thought ! At the back of all manifestations, are the hardly measurable & uncountable sentient beings, within their compulsive thinking.

are the makers of All under Heaven.
Reality is made by thoughts. All stems from
the will of the One & is but one thought from the One.

One & the same thought from many of us, produces myriad of vibrations (4 all’s energy), in the Web (the totality of what’s opposed 2 the One), changing all within the Web & such reality as well.

One & the same concentrated thought 2 the One, through samãdhi within yoga, leads 2 one 2 One, ultimately leading 2 one in One or consciousness united in bliss & just One. Bliss through yoga !

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