Reality is
just like a dream,
just an illusion.

The substance of a dream is held in materialization by the subconscious thought of the dreamer, which dematerializes, on awakening of the dreamer. Common man in his dream-state, reproduces & vivifies a creation with its creatures, a reality made from his individual thoughts & mindset within actionlessness, just like the whole cosmos is a materialized thought of the collective thinking from all its sentient beings, in the dream of God.

Reality is a dream of God.

It’s a reality made from one
consciousness & as real as the reality
dreamt by the consciousness of one
individual common man in
his dream-state.

Why choose 4 mortality & suffering ? Why act so seriously in an illusion ? What’s the need of all that striving 4 ‘things’ in an unreality where ‘things’ are like in fact unreal, not really existent nor tangible & only last up & till death or as long as the illusion lasts ? What’s the worth of all that striving & the undying need 4 action ? Why all the commotion ? Why the stress ?

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