Being yourself or remaining yourself is difficult & hard ! But 2 be your Self in a world that is constantly changing & trying 2 make you like everybody else & 2 remain your Self & hang-on 2 the morally & ethically good amidst all the darkness is the greatest battle there is 2 fight & this fight is the yoga or the work from the Bhagavadgita called kriyã-yoga. The work that needs 2 be done & accomplished is the dharma, the consequence of life within dualism, samsara & rebirth, assuming that human happiness can only occur when one aligns with the One.

The ’Battlefield of the Bhagavadgita‘
is the daily inner-fight of
every person.

The ’Battlefield of the Bhagavadgita‘ is the choice & duty between doing what is ethically good or what is evil, bad &/or vice or the consequence of life. Kriyã-yoga is the yoga explained by Lord Krishna 2 Arjuña in the Bhagavadgita. Kriyã-yoga is the yoga of action of being active with ones thoughts & of being active in complete actionlessness ! Kriyã-yoga is also called karma-yoga or the yoga that influences karma positively.

In Hinduism, the scriptures define dharma as ‘the natural universal laws whose observance enables man 2 save himself from degradation & suffering’. The ’Battlefield of the Bhagavadgita‘ is the battlefield of life, it’s the constant choice between copying the One, the morally & ethically good or staying true 2 one’s Self, the common disease of man out of frailty & the greatest terror of all !

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