through Yoga.

Yoga Yukta Atman.

The most authentic & also effective yoga is the yoga of Patãnjali & its 8th & final stage of yoga-sutras, called samãdhi that is the connector 2 the One ! Samãdhi is what brings a little Self in close contact with the supreme Self. Samãdhi, a fruit from freedom from thoughts or thoughtlessness within desirelessness bundled together by renunciation from worldly affairs is indispensable 2 gain connection of any-one, any Self with his descent & origin or the One.

is the art
of joining – the joining of man
with his holy Father, the One, Allah,
the Absolute, tao or dao, Abraham, etc.

The bringing together of any-one & the One, the melting of both consciousness’s is the joining or the unification & the exact meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ & it’s out of this original yoga that came all the contemporary abbreviations of yoga that are able 2 tire someone physically & maybe bring someone a little closer 2 themselves, but alas are unable 2 bring anyone closer 2 the One.

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