United through Yoga.
It’s yoga that unites. Yoga Yukta Atman.

Many forms of meditation &/or yoga techniques, with the body in motionlessness or actionlessness, try 2 let-go of something – like resolutely changing certain thoughts into more (nicer or) positive thoughts. Other types, don’t steer their thoughts at all, they just wait 4 the next thought 2 appear in their mind. Other kinds like T’ai Chi, move their body while their thoughts are mostly concentrated on the moves. Hugely popular, predominantly in the West, are the kinds that move their body in trying 2 copy a bodily posture of any ancient Asian yogi. They try 2 imitate a bodily position in complete freedom of thoughts, giving no thought-steering whatsoever. There are others, that do nothing else but move their body, accompanied with either silence &/or chanting, singing, even yelling, laughing, etc.

All of the above, are in fact just different forms of either auspicious or inauspicious forms of relaxation. Neither one of them is yoga let alone meditation. Neither one of them has in fact the right 2 claim the word yoga 4 meditation &/or yoga must involve thought- & breath-control 4 the whole purpose of ‘real’ yoga is gaining thoughtlessness, which can only be reached through breath- & thought-control techniques.

Yoga Yukta Atman !

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