is the 8th & final stage of Patãnjali’s
yoga sutras, it’s the phase of enlightenment
that unites man with all & everything through
knowledge of man’s sole unity & kinship
with the One or God.

Samãdhi is unification with the Creational Light !

Samãdhi is the result from rising above mãyã’s tied ego, desires, senses & compulsive thinking. Samãdhi is attained through yoga that concentrates on reaching thoughtlessness only as 2 be able 2 become empty of thoughts 4 that condition only enables the income of exactly what’s untied from mãyã !

Samãdhi is the result from powers of concentration !

Unification of any small soul with the Big Soul or the One must be the goal of yoga, in order 2 be named &/or called yoga at all 4 without thoughtlessness, one merely relaxes & relaxation can never be the purpose of any ‘real’ yoga ! In thoughtlessness, one enriches one’s Self with Self-knowledge, all the while  renewing & refueling being.

Samãdhi or the fruit & consequence of thoughtlessness, also enlarges intuition & it renews our white-blood cells in the process. The fruits of samãdhi kill obsessive thoughts & any other obsessiveness, it also eliminates fear, unhappiness & any slumbering existential questions.

is the main remover of negative karma !
Attaining samãdhi is the purpose of ‘real’ yoga
& shouldn’t be everybody’s goal, but should be every-
body’s main priority.
Samadhi is a fruit from
thoughtlessness within any yoga worth
being named &/or called yoga.

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