is a fruit from thoughtlessness
in yoga which illuminates.

When one receives the blissful spiritual encouragement through hearing the sound of the cosmic vibratory creational motor, sounding like Om or Aum, after having crossed the Void, one is in actual touch with divinity ! One is so close 2 the divine realms &/or the Source, that one can sense & feel Emptiness & Oneness.

Gone is Self-awareness as an individual being &/or entity. At that point, one is only one with the One &/or the Absolute but with an enlarged & enlightened Self-consciousness. Absolutely gone is Reason & therefore also the speculations, distinguishing & differentiating, the dividing & separating 4 gone are the delusions like mortality & the Separate Self. Absent are the urges, desires & any physical & mental pains &/or distresses.

Present is Sãnti or spiritual peace, the destroyer of frailty & the constructor of perseverance (in reproducing & prolonging that delightful experience). Present is love & happiness within direct perception of truth & essence beyond all intellectual apprehension. Consciousness is general Consciousness emanating from the Light.

Happiness in warmth
& satisfaction within peace
is Sãnti through

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