Yoga connects man.

Yoga is the art of joining wherein samãdhi, is the highest degree of consciousness one can achieve as human. Closer than through samãdhi, one cannot aim. Closer 2 the Gods one cannot be nor get 2 be, being human on earth ! The Sanskrit words ‘yoga-yukta-ãtma’ (out of the Bhagavadgita verse 6.29 – meaning complete & whole or one through yoga) is about the art of joining which is the exact meaning of the word ‘yoga’.

is the joining of the Self
& the supreme Self.

Yoga means connecting (ourselves) with the One on a deeper level than when one is awake, asleep or in prayer (4 we are never truly detached from the One) ! Yoga is the joining with the One & samãdhi is connection or joined with the One. In samãdhi, one’s body is inactive & one’s mind is completely out of thoughts, yet one is in bliss & fully aware & conscious as never before 4 one is one with the One in samãdhi, the epiphany of actionlessness, desirelessness, mindfulness & thoughtlessness. In samãdhi & regardless of the earthly & bodily tied super-senses one feels more than ever.

Samãdhi, is the 8th & final stage of Patãnjali yoga sutra’s, commonly accompanied by visions 4 in samãdhi, one is one with the ‘Seer of All under Heaven’. One with the One in samãdhi, one perceives the realized Self, the ultimate consciousness, the One. In samãdhi one automatically identifies with this consciousness 4 one is same & alike. It’s ‘yoga-yukta-ãtma’, it’s yoga that connects mankind through correspondence of consciousness. It’s ‘yoga-yukta-ãtma’, the producer of Selflessness.

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