Yoga which connects man.
The life of the mind & the senses are separate.

Senses are exclusively related 2 our universe. They are adjustable & changeable, important, even enjoyable, providing faculties of sensation as means of providing physical gratification & pleasure, linked 2 accentuate & suit being in our universe only !

Senses provide recognition or perception & understanding, but also receptiveness 2 unreal &/or false impressions, external conditions whether pleasant or unpleasant.

Senses are linked 2 this dimension & as such important only in this living condition & from there-on obstructive in other states of mind (reached through yoga).

Consequently, if one wants 2 liberate one’s Self, Soul & true being, from its earthly cage & experience reality (like hearing the cosmic sound of Om from the One) within the blissful state of heavenly samãdhi, the connection with the Supreme Self, then it’s the senses that have 2 be closed-off by thoughtcontrol within or without actionlessness.

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