The dualism in being of man (yin & yang) trapped on Earth (yin) under the Heavens (yang), attracted & pulled downwards towards Earth & upwards towards the Heavens, with in-between, caught in the middle, man’s soul is just because of the by nature addictive senses.

Due 2 the senses being constantly attracted towards earth & as such constantly stimulated, aroused & fired-up, they get strengthened every second, which is exactly the reason samãdhi & the temporarily release of the soul from earth in yoga is hardly attained.

Our sensatory state, especially in the wakeful state, is like under an electrical tension & it is exactly that tension that has got 2 be diminished or better halted in order 2 attain samãdhi, which again is the dualism of being, the choice 4 sensatory beings 2 cling downwards towards Earth or upwards towards Heaven.

It’s a competition between opposing forces (yin & yang) pulling us downwards (yang – accentuating material being) & upwards (yin – accentuating spirituality), with its roots laid-in our senses hence the awareness of reality.

Consequently, non-attachment or the lifting of one’s Self upwards 2 the Heavens, can only be really attained through yoga – real renunciation can only pursued when the senses, hearing, taste, sight, smell & touch or the five powers of mãyã are restrained, diminished & ultimately stopped.

Only through yoga, the only restrainer of the senses, can connection be made possible. It’s only yoga that disconnects from delusion & connects 2 reality. It’s ‘yoga-yukta-ãtma’ !

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