The Genesis-verses
of the Jewish Torah & the Christian Bible

are symbolic. Its ‘Tree of Life’ is the human body,
that enjoys many fruits of sensations of sight, sound,
smell, taste & touch.
Adam is reason & Eve is feeling.
When Eve predominates, Adam loses reason.
When the sex-impulse overpowers the
Eve-consciousness, one’s
reason succumbs.
(Genesis 3:12-13)

Adam & Eve,
one unit & unseparated
remain in a heaven of joy, as long as
the (human) mind isn’t tricked through
sensatory sensations.
(Genesis 3:1)

Adam & Eve,
the first created pair with divine
consciousness, failed & fell under the sway of
mãyã through misuse of their reason & feelings
that closed-off their right 2 enter Eden,
the garden of Self-sufficiency
& unified harmony.
(Genesis 2:8)

stop, end your reason
& mind or simply put stop your
compulsive thinking & thoughts altogether
in actionlessness, that’ll kill your senses
& you’ll escape dualism & enter Eden,
Bliss & Samãdhi.

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