Free from desire,
free from the need 2 be, you realize
the mystery or see what’s behind
the manifestations all within
& through consciousness.

Caught in desire,
wishes & fear, you see only
the manifestations.

In being one can
only see the manifestations,
the things, what’s tangible & perceptible.
Through non-being one can not only see, but also
understand the manifestations 4 through non-being
one comprehends being & grasps consciousness.

It’s the secret
of secrets & gate 2 all mysteries.
(inspired by Tao Te Tjing chapter one)

Through being we slightly understand the form, shape, figure &/or body & are plain ignorant of &/or ignore &/or give hardly any attention 2 the soul & (our) consciousness (Science recognizes, agrees & nods). In being we are ignorant of the fact, that being &/or consciousness is connected 2 breathtaking or 2 the breath, even ignorant of the plain fact, that daily breath-control, is the crux 4 healthy living.

Through non-being (as in certain yoga-stages), one fully grasps consciousness &/or consciousness within being. Through non-breathing (part of breath-control & certain stage in yoga-meditation), one perceives, understands, grasps & comprehends both being & non-being. In doing so, through ‘real’ yoga, thus through thought-control resulting in thoughtlessness & breathlessness, all in actionlessness within mindfulness, one prepares his- or herself willingly unwillingly with being without form or body. Through thought-controlling meditation, one is copying death or non-being & gets acquainted 2 life after death !

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