When we notice ourselves thinking a same thought over & over again, brooding & worrying over something, we should know this is just the compulsive nature of (our) thinking & (our) being in general that is at work. It’s our nature making ourselves think of things, anytime & nearly all the time.

Whatever action we undertake, always is our thinking-machine at work, it is always producing thoughts that – most of the time – have nothing in common with what we are doing. Infinite thinking seems 2 be our nature.

We cannot stop thinking & mostly about things that do not or hardly even matter. Constructions of our personal un-objective perception.

We cannot stop thinking & most of the time about things that we can’t influence nor change & yet we can’t stop dwelling & brooding over them, endlessly striving & trying 2 fix anything we can & can’t.

Never-mind that thoughts are the enemy of creativity & positive evolution, we need fixing. We humans, the fixers are swallowed-up by desires & thoughts, which is the root cause of our suffering, stagnation &/or devolution within our individual & collective Samsara.

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