If one avoids
thinking about misery,
pain & suffering, let alone death,
one accentuates & attracts those powers !

Once in the rather near future those ‘avoiders’ will be struck by some or all of the things that they avoid & most certainly will suffer more when actually struck by suffering than those who have contemplated &/or familiarized themselves with misery, suffering & death or ‘the end of being’.

The message is : FOLLOW THE FEAR
or the
False Evidence Appearing Real.

Don’t avoid thinking about the worst as not 2 be surprised when actually & unavoidably the worst happens. Don’t ignore misfortunes but acknowledge & confront them 4 by preparing 4 them right from the start, as such the unavoidable suffering won’t be unbearable. Don’t neglect the small, the little & minute but react on it immediately before it becomes large, unbearable & uncontrollable. Don’t ignore suffering but confront suffering, analyze & examine it thoroughly as 2 determine its causes & that’ll reveal a suitable &/or right coping-strategy.

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