Ten Lessons 4 life, living good & healthy. (15)

  1. You have one body ! Use, protect &/or take care of your health & body 4 it easily degenerates & it’s meant 2 carry our consciousness during earthly life. ‘If we didn’t have bodies, what misery could there be ? None !’
  2. You don’t have 2 be successful &/or be or do anything ! Competition, rivalry & striving 4 perfectionism are killers of the mind & the body ! ‘The absolute purpose of life is resting in being !’
  3. You win some & you lose some ! You as easily gain as you lose family. You gain friends & lose friends, though easier lose than gain friends. Friends are harder 2 find than enemies. The more socially (experienced) successful, the more so called friends one’ll have.
  4. Forget, drop & get rid of incompatibilities. Lose acquaintances, lovers, friends, family or any ‘thing’ disturbing your being, mental &/or physical health 4 it’s always better 2 travel light &/or alone than with excessive luggage or incongruous, discordant, uncongenial or incompatible others & ‘things’. ‘He who does not trust will not be trusted. If you don’t trust you cannot be trusted. He who does not give will not receive ! etc. ‘
  5. Time heals all ! Nothing is ever the same or 4 certain. Everything changes constantly. The good & the bad perpetually change from good 2 bad & vice a versa. Nothing stays the same, neither one’s state of mind, character or thoughts. What disturbed & angered us or what we hated & wanted 2 destroy once, were feelings & emotions, that got killed by either time or through Self-knowledge 4 Self-knowledge leads 2 knowledge of others or 2 compassion.
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