A Self-reflection-analysis-knowledge toolkit.
Twelve essential habits & virtues 2 adopt 4 wellbeing.
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1. Understanding 4 any understanding is already a transformation.
2. Autonomy & Individuality 4 as 2 find strength from within it’s necessary 2 be able 2 spend time alone.
3. Mindfulness 4 this moment only counts ! Only now we live so it is now that matters & nothing else or more.
4. Detachment & Renunciation from all earthly things or the moderation of the world’s influences on the Self & the exercise of skepticism & critical thinking.
5. Ceaseless Striving 4 one takes no pleasure in existence unless one is striving 4 something. The search 4 the meaning of life is the meaning of life. Our rejection of necessity is a contemporary sickness, all the while our contemporary Self is being driven mad by infinite possibilities & choices.
6. Transcendence isn’t strictly a virtue in the sense of requiring specific behaviour but transcendence of Being is the ultimate goal & absolute transcendence comes forth from enlightenment & enlightenment can only come from meditation & that’ll bring forth absolute transcendence or complete transformation of the Self.

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