In the Genesis-verses of the Jewish Torah & the Christian Bible (3.22/23/24), we learn that God guards the Tree-of-Life, which hides the key 2 immortality, by a shining & flaming sword.

The Flaming Sword is the so-called ‘obstacle’ between humanity & God or what separates humans & God. It is the point of manifestation between being & non-being. It is the line between earthly mãyã & the astral world(s).

With the Indian Patãnjali yoga-sutras one can crush this so-called obstacle ! With the keys of David, one can open this 4 Christians ‘closed’ gate & one can stop the Flaming Sword from holding back the entering & exiting of spirits or Self-consciousness’s.

This threshold or The Flaming Sword or the Curtain of Thought(s) is only experienced after death or now (!) through yoga !

This Flaming Sword or Curtain of Thought(s) is only overcome-able, before death by samãdhi & kundalini from the Patãnjali yoga-sutras or through ‘real’ yoga/or mediation !

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