The Tree of Life is not about Being, nor about Life !

This so-called Tree of Life is about being or life on earth only (!) & that’s why it has its roots upwards going & branches downwards, working as an reversed umbrella, safeguarding any ‘thing’ from falling, just out of self-interest & survival needs.

The Tree of Life is a reflection of the Original Tree of Perpetual Being that’s standing upwards, which gives access 2 escape, deliverance & salvation (through yoga).

This reflection of the real Tree & all who get-on it & certainly all who attach themselves 2 it, can’t get off it &/or get or be liberated from it 4 this Tree of Life is bewitching, mischievous & mischief & consequently can only give mischief like the illusion of security & freedom, sense & meaning, love, happiness & wellbeing & unavoidably can but cause harm, injury, damage &/or mental &/or physical pain or plain right Suffering !

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