The Tree of Life (that all of us so dearly cling 2) is adhesive & addictive by nature & standing upside-down, safeguarding us from falling from it, not out of benevolence, nor love or sympathy, but out of necessity !

The Tree of Life feeds on us (like we feed on it) & without us it would lose its reason 4 being & fade & go-away & disappear.

Heaven nor Earth is benevolent (tao te tjing #5), nor fair or honest !
Heaven is just just & Earth just is.

The Tree of Life holds on 2 us (stealing thereby our independency & freedom) 4 it needs us (2 live & be) as we hold-on 2 it because we need it (2 live & be) & that’s only what we’re made 2 believe through Mãyã’s bewitchment(s). It’s exactly this dependency & mortality that’s proof of its illegitimacy & ill fated-ness & the reason, it cannot help, nor safe us from downfall 4 this dark Tree of Life is in fact a Tree of Death 4 mortality is part of it & it’s but a reflection of the bright immortal & eternal Spiritual Tree.

Hanging-on &/or holding-one 2 this so-called Tree of Life, without end is absurd & exactly the obstacle 2 Moksha or liberation of our ‘real’ Self.

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