The Tree of this Life (see also the Bhagavadgita #15.01), Tree of this material World has no end & bears many fruits.

All of us, out of birth & need 4 survival hang-on 2 this Tree of Life, supplier of identity, free-will & choice.

Hardly none of us, falls down from the Tree of Life 4 its standing upside-down & its sticky & adhesive by nature.

All of us hang-on & attach themselves 2 what they can, need & know. Hardly anyone lets go out of fear, ignorance or doubt.

Very seldom someone asks themselves why this Tree of Life is adhesive &/or addictive by nature & hardly anyone realizes its standing upside-down, nor why that is & why it is at all.

It’s Mãyã’s
bewitchment at work,
bewitching us with bitter fruits.

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