The opposite of ignorance
is knowledge & wisdom or Omniscience.

Beware though 4 one cannot abolish ignorance by artifacts ! Artifacts like clothes or devotion 2 symbols, shrines & statues. One cannot even abolish ignorance by an ascetic life ! Why ? Simply because clothes, devotion 2 symbols, shrines, statues & an ascetic life are not the opposites of knowledge or wisdom ! These here above words are the same words spoken by Krishna & Shankara !

One should destroy ignorance by love 4 all of mankind, through altruism & compassion. One should not rely purely on the senses & beware of not getting addicted 2 them. One should give the body only what it needs & nothing more. One should live in Truth & by Truth & nothing but the Truth.

One should have faith
& believe & speak & talk like Shiva & say :
I am not of this here World. The World is not my mother !
I do not copy Worldly being 4 earthly being is an illusion !
I am now part of this earthly life, but I am not
in this World 4  I am not from this World !

Redemption & deliverance comes from knowledge & wisdom. Salvation & absolution from Sin comes forth from detachment from earthly affairs. Moderation of the World’s influence on the Self is preservation of the Self ! Aside from redeeming one’s Self from this here earthly game by accumulating wisdom is Man’s only purpose 2 rest in being & 2 dance like Shiva !

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