I hope everyone realizes that our ‘so-called’ leaders, presidents, kings & governments are chosen by ourselves, meaning that we are not the followers, but they are ! They are merely an exponent of how a society collectively is functioning. They are the result of our collective being. Which also means that we can’t blame them 4 mismanagement & misbehaving 4 we are in fact their employers.

We are the leaders
& they are the followers is the truth
& the untruth is the opposite !

Therefore we shouldn’t be giving them as much power as we do nowadays 4 it enhances their grip on us & our dependency on them, which history has shown, is deficient 4 positive evolution.

has 2 begin inside of us
before it can get visible outside,
in the outer-world.

When the ‘so-called’ leaders see us change, they’ll soon realize they can get advantage out of our changed needs & desires & that they have 2 follow our changes & they will change as well 4 they are not leaders, but merely followers !

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