Worldly life is a struggle 4 survival & if not, then you are amongst the happy few. Worldly life is a struggle 4 survival in which one gets seduced in caring only 4 one’s own Self.

Worldly life is seductive & addictive & therefore destructive 4 well-being & true happiness. Worldly life is illusive & an illusion yielding darkness & loss of meaning. Worldly life is a matter of choice, in a world of opposites & differences, extrapolating good & bad, morality & immorality, haves & have-nots, goodness & darkness, etc.

Worldly life & living, you may either love it or hate it, but it is there anyway, so might as well enjoy & be happy & also thankful 4 this opportunity or burden 4 we cannot change now without drastically destabilizing our karma.

Notwithstanding we should try as hard as we can, as 2 not drown in worldly living 4 addiction leads 2 drowning & drowning leads 2 enslavement & rootedness. Rootedness in worldly life or being rooted completely in our dear mãyã leads subsequently & automatically 2 incarnation. Firm rootedness in worldly life is a request & order 4 a new life. A new life which gets determined by our karma & our own desires & compulsive thoughts ! A new life, albeit in a new & or different form or body, enabling us 2 do what is necessary. A new chance 2 try once more 2 do what is needed, which was the original purpose & the real reason 4 our birth & being now – getting towards Higher Being !

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